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Green Hills with Blue Sky

Services Provided

You Are Unique, And So Is Your Therapy!

Approaches to treatment will depend upon:

  •           What the problem is 
  •           Researched approaches that have shown to help
  •           Your unique way of coping with difficulties
  •           What you tend to find most helpful                    

Adolescent Services

Many teenagers begin to feel increased stress and anxiety as they enter into high school and prepare to graduate.  Often, issues that were not apparent before, can surface.  In my practice, I help teens with:

                           Anxiety, Panic attacks, Phobias
                           Adjustment to chronic medical conditions
                           Relationship issues
                           Family problems
                           Hypnosis can be incorporated into therapy for help with:
                                           Test anxiety
                                           Smoking cessation
                                           Body image issues  

Young Adult Services

College age and early adulthood can be an exciting as well as challenging time of life.  Addressing issues early on, can not only prevent problems later on, but can provide a more solid foundation of mental health and success as you enter adulthood.  Areas of concern that tend to be addressed in therapy:

                            Relationship Issues
                            Anxiety about the future 
                            Worries about career choices
                            Family problems
                            Balancing academics/work and relationships

                             Hypnosis can be incorporated into therapy:

                                              Smoking Cessation
                                              Body Image Issues
                                              Test Anxiety
                                              Performance Anxiety  
Adult Services

Adults seek therapy for many different reasons.  Some realize they have depression or anxiety that needs to be addressed.  While others realize that life could be more fulfilling and they seek a better quality of life.  Therapy goals are individualized and therapy is paced in a way to allow the highest level of functioning in a person's busy life.  
Areas of concern that adults often come to therapy with are:

                           Worries about children
                           Relationship problems
                           Parenting issues
                           Financial worries 
                           Feeling overwhelmed caring for children
                                                and aging parents
                           Loss of a loved one
                           Life transitions - empty nest, divorce, parents death
                           Adjustment to medical problems
                           Hypnosis can be incorporated into therapy for:

                                           Pain Management
                                           Gynecological Issues
                                           Weight Management
                                           Smoking Cessation

In addition to helping Adolescents, Young Adults and Adults with more normative issues, I also help those who experience acute or chronic PTSD, Dissociation, and/or more severe Anxiety or Depression.

I work collaboratively with several Psychiatrists who will provide medication consultation when indicated.



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